Top 3 Questions For MiaRec Auto Call Summary: Streamline Post-Call Work With ChatGPT

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May 12, 2023 at 3:41 PM

With all the commotion on how ChatGPT could be redefining contact centers, you wonder what this means for your contact center. How can you take advantage of the new ChatGPT-driven solutions on the market? 

At MiaRec, we have worked with hundreds of organizations to optimize their contact centers. To increase agent efficiency and improve customer experiences, we’ve recently launched our ChatGPT-powered Auto Call Summary to help contact centers streamline after-call work.

In this article, we will answer all your questions on how you can best use ChatGPT-based solutions. By the end of this article, you will know more about the rise of ChatGPT-driven contact center solutions, our newest feature, and how to stay compliant.

What Is MiaRec Auto Call Summary And How Do I Use It?

Agents spent 41% of their time on post-call work, which includes repetitive admin tasks such as writing call summaries. That’s over a third of their day where they’re not helping customers. 

Agents need to take notes throughout customer calls. These notes turn into call summaries for other agents and supervisors to review. Call summaries often include why the customer called, how the call was resolved, and key topic highlights. Creating call summaries is a repetitive, but necessary, step to understand customer behavior, ensure customer needs are met, and monitor agent performance.

MiaRec Auto Call Summary leverages ChatGPT to auto-summarize transcripts and generate summaries for you. Agents no longer need to take notes during calls, and can instead focus on providing quality customer service. Meanwhile, other agents and supervisors can review the call summary to understand any next steps that need to be taken with the customer, measure call script efficiency, and more.

There are a variety of ways you can use MiaRec Auto Call Summary Report.  You can use it to review agent performance, confirm call details, measure customer satisfaction, and more. If you are an insurance agency and a customer has called to report a car accident, you can skim the call summary to see who was responsible for the accident, the car details, and how bad the damages are. You could be a bank’s contact center and a customer is reporting fraud; the call summary would report when the card was compromised, any fraudulent purchases, and any next steps the agent had taken to protect the customer’s account.

What Is ChatGPT And Why Are More Contact Center Solutions Adopting ChatGPT-powered Services?

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI. You can request ChatGPT to complete tasks such as editing an essay, reviewing code, or answering a question.

ChatGPT is best at fulfilling simple and specific tasks. This quality makes it great for automating repetitive contact center processes such as answering customer questions or creating call summaries. 

In addition to MiaRec, other organizations are creating new services with ChatGPT. For example, NICE CXone, a cloud contact center solution, leverages ChatGPT as a chatbot for basic customer inquiries. 

Is MiaRec Auto Call Summary Safe? 

News outlets have recently featured posts about ChatGPT’s copyright infringement, data security, and privacy policies. How can you stay compliant when using MiaRec Auto Call Summary? 

OpenAI has recently changed its policies. They do not use submitted content to train their model anymore. However, data submitted through non-API consumer services such as ChatGPT may be used to improve their models. 

Because ChatGPT is a generative model, it only predicts words in texts. For example, if you wrote “I recently wore a…”, ChatGPT is likely to follow up with the word “dress” or “shirt”. It does not remember conversations. If you close your current session and start a new one, it will not remember your previous conversation. 

You can request to opt out of having your data used to improve ChatGPT’s model by filling out this form. OpenAI will also delete any submitted content (prompts, API responses, etc.) if you submit a data deletion request. After submitting the request, it can take up to 30 days to process. To learn more about best practices to stay secure when using OpenAI and any of its consumer services, click here

Meanwhile, MiaRec has its own compliance measures to ensure your contact center and its call recordings are secure and compliant. MiaRec offers a password-protected platform, role-based access controls, and encrypted audio files. We also have MiaRec Audit Trail Summary to track any audits conducted on MiaRec and prevent tampering. 

Most contact center solutions need agents to manually pause recordings when customers give out any sensitive information such as SSINs, birth dates, and more. With MiaRec Auto Redaction, you will not have to rely on agents to meet compliance regulations. Auto Redaction automatically removes sensitive data from transcripts and audio files. Agents can provide quality service knowing their calls are compliant.


You now know how your contact center can use MiaRec’s ChatGPT-powered Auto Call Summary to securely optimize contact center workloads. 

Try MiaRec Auto Call Summary for yourself through our online demo or register with our sales team for a free personalized demo.

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