Top 6 Topic Analysis Use Cases For Any Contact Center

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April 21, 2023 at 3:06 PM

As you see Voice Analytic solutions promote their Topic Analysis capabilities, you start to wonder what is so special about organizing calls by topics. Because Topic Analysis is such a versatile tool, it is hard to give a simple answer on how to best use it. It can boost agent morale, reduce customer churn, catch potential problems before they happen, and so much more. 

With so many different ways to use Topic Analysis, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. At MiaRec, we’ve helped hundreds of contact centers use Topic Analysis to transform their call data into actionable insights. We’ve guided them every step of the way and seen how they use this feature to its fullest potential.

Every contact center has its own way of using Topic Analysis to meet its needs, and we wanted to share a few of the creative use cases our customers have come up with. In this article, you will learn how your contact center can organize calls for the best ROI. By the end of this article, you will have six effective ways to transform your contact center.

What Is Topic Analysis & How Does It Work?

Topic Analysis categorizes your calls by customizable topics. It leverages advanced Generative AI technology to understand the complete context of the conversation thoroughly. Categorizing your calls can make the sorting process faster, cheaper, and more structured. You can measure how often customers are calling, why they are calling, and how your agents are performing. 

Topic Analysis

In this article, we will be covering six different ways you can organize calls in the following use cases:

Reduce Customer Churn

One of the biggest issues companies face is customer churn. Even the most loyal customers are likely to switch brands if they experience poor customer service. A recent study found that US businesses lose approximately $168 billion in customer churn every year. 

MiaRec comes prepared with suggested topics, such as “Customer Service” or “Problem”. Categorize your calls and see how often customers are reaching out about website bugs, negative reviews, or shipping delays.  

For example, you might notice more customers calling to cancel orders. By checking calls under “Order Cancellations” you could discover that orders are being canceled due to continuous shipping delays or faulty payment systems.

Understand Customer Sentiment 

It can be difficult to convince customers to complete a post-call survey. That is why some Voice Analytics solutions include Sentiment Analysis so that you can understand how customers feel about a call, even without a survey.  

Topic Analysis works best alongside Sentiment Analysis to help you better understand the Voice of the Customer. After categorizing the call by preferred topics, Sentiment Analysis will review the context of the conversation to understand how customers and agents were feeling during the call.

Customer Sentiment

Provide Marketing Insights

Your marketing team can customize topics to include specific products or services. This way they can organize calls to see how customers feel about a new feature or product. These insights can then be used to personalize marketing campaigns and strategies. 

Improve Agent Training

Sometimes, agents don't have the solution to a customer’s inquiries. That’s why your topics analysis dashboard can include categories such as “Lack of Knowledge” to help highlight areas for agent improvement. You can use these insights to identify training gaps and improve customer service. 

Reduce Agent Turnover 

Agents are regularly speaking to frustrated customers. When the average yearly global turnover rate in contact centers is 30%, agents deserve to be complimented for the work they do. As you monitor calls, use Topic Analysis to highlight positive interactions. Praise agents who perform well to boost agent morale and lower turnover rates. 

Verify Payment Agreements

Customers can forget when they have requested a delayed payment plan, and they may not keep track of their emails. You can use Topic Analysis to organize calls by payment plans, ensuring any calls involving verbal agreements are easy to locate and verify.


Use Topic Analysis to improve business workflows, customer journeys, and more. At MiaRec, both Sentiment and Topic Analysis are available in our enterprise packaging. You can combine Sentiment and Topic Analysis to better understand consumer behavior. To learn more about our enterprise packaging features, visit our pricing page

While Topic Analysis is a great way to analyze large amounts of data for useful insights, you don’t have to be an enterprise to try it out. We’re also a good fit for smaller contact centers looking to make the most of their call data. Try out Topic Analysis for yourself in our free online demo.

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