Who Is Not A Good Fit For MiaRec?

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March 18, 2024 at 1:42 AM

When it comes to selecting the right Conversation Intelligence solution for your organization, it is crucial that you assess various vendors to ensure they align with your specific needs. Depending on those needs, some vendors will be a better fit than others.

Here at MiaRec, we believe in sharing honestly and transparently who our solution might be a good fit for, but even more importantly, who we are not a good fit for — even if that means you might not buy from us. By being open about this, we hope to save you time and energy in determining if we are right for you. 

By the end of this article, you will know the seven main reasons why we might not be a good fit for you and have all the information you need to make the right purchase decision. Let's get started.

You are not a good fit for MiaRec if:

You Have Fewer Than 20 Agents

When evaluating potential Conversation Intelligence (CI) solutions such as MiaRec, one of the first and most important factors to consider is the size of your contact center.

MiaRec's sweet spot is medium- to large-sized organizations with more than 25 agents looking to evaluate almost all or all calls automatically. MiaRec specializes in utilizing Generative AI to standardize and automate quality assurance (QA) processes across large call volumes (e.g., by auto-scoring 100% of your calls).

So, if you have a small contact center with fewer than 20 agents handling calls, MiaRec might not be the best fit. While our AI capabilities are certainly powerful and can offer benefits on any scale, our other specialized tools may be more appropriate and cost-effective for larger operations.

MiaRec is best suited for medium to large contact centers.

The Majority of Your Customer Interactions Come Through Social Media And Chat

Contact centers come in all shapes and sizes. Some will handle mostly calls, while others deal with customer interactions via all types of channels. MiaRec specializes in transcribing and analyzing call recordings of your customer interactions. 

As a result, if the majority of your customer interactions occur through social media, email, or chatbot-based platforms, MiaRec may not be the ideal solution for your business needs. On the other hand, as long as most of your customer interactions (+90%) are calls, MiaRec is a great fit because we score and analyze 100% of your calls, giving you an accurate and highly representative picture. 

You Are Looking for A CCaaS / Contact Center Solution

Admittedly, the terms contact center solution and solutions for contact centers are confusing. So, if you have ever been confused by them, don't worry — you are not alone.

A Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) provider offers core contact center management features and functionalities such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call routing, and extensive call queue management features. MiaRec is not a CCaaS provider but often sits on top of and deeply integrates with a CCaaS solution like Five9, Webex Contact Center, Twilio, and others, enriching them with QA automation functionality, topic and sentiment analysis, and AI Insights.

If you are looking for a CCaaS provider, check out our article on the best Contact-Centers-as-a-Service vendors.

You Are Looking For A Call Recording Only Vendor

Although MiaRec began its journey as a call-recording vendor, we have since evolved into a comprehensive Quality Management solution that empowers businesses not just to record calls but also to derive actionable insights from them.

Our robust platform now goes far beyond simple call recording, offering a wide array of AI-powered features tailored to enhance agent performance, identify areas for improvement, and drive overall contact center efficiency. So, if you are looking for a call recording-only provider, we are not the best fit.

You Are Looking For Real-Time AI Agent Assist

While some Conversation Intelligence platforms have implemented real-time AI agent assistance technology, the market is still evolving. Therefore, MiaRec has chosen to focus on post-call AI assistance, recognizing that immediate, real-time AI assistance during calls is still in its early stages of development. Our post-call AI assist capabilities empower businesses with valuable insights and takeaways after each conversation.

Call summaries provide concise overviews of call content, enabling quick understanding and reference. Key fact extraction pinpoints crucial information, helping agents and managers focus on essential details. Call categorization automatically tags calls based on pre-defined criteria, making organizing and analyzing interactions easier.

Finally, coaching tips offer actionable suggestions for improving agent performance, identifying areas for skill enhancement, and optimizing communication strategies. By concentrating on post-call AI assistance, MiaRec delivers tangible value and actionable insights without relying on immature, real-time agent assist technologies.

You Running On Different Technology Than We Integrate With

Last, but not least, the technology you use is an important indicator of fit. While MiaRec integrates with the most common and enterprise-ready communication solutions on the market, such as Five9 Intelligent Cloud Center, Cisco Contact Center, and Microsoft Teams, we won't be a good fit if you are using a technology we don't integrate with. 

In Summary

In this article, we reviewed the seven most prominent reasons why we might not be right for your organization. By understanding your unique requirements and exploring different solutions, you can find the perfect fit for optimizing your contact center operations.

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