MiaRec vs. Observe.AI: Comparison, Features, & Pricing

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May 8, 2024 at 12:17 AM

When researching Conversation Intelligence solutions for your contact center, you have to consider many different factors. You might have questions such as, "What is the best Conversation Intelligence solution?" "What makes one vendor different from another?" "Which solution is the best fit for MY needs?" and "How can I ensure I get the best ROI for my purchase?" While Conversation Intelligence solutions can look similar at first glance, they are not one-size-fits-all.

At MiaRec, we have worked alongside hundreds of contact centers to meet their individual requirements, and we have seen firsthand how the right Conversation Intelligence solution can transform your contact center. Because we know that it is crucial to pick the right solution for your needs, we have created unbiased side-by-side comparisons with the top solutions on the market, even if this means you might decide a different solution is a better fit for you.

This article compares Observe.AI and MiaRec to help you in that research process. You will learn about their features, best use cases, and which solution would fit your contact center well. By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of what makes each solution stand out so you can make an informed decision. 

For other vendors, please check our Conversation Intelligence Market Guide.

Let's look at both in more detail: 

Transcription Engine Accuracy
35% better than ChatGPT 3.5
Call Recording
NotAvailable (1)
Live Monitoring
NotAvailable (1)
Screen Recording
Manual QA (Scorecards)
Automated QA (Auto Call Scoring)
Sentiment Analysis
Topical Analysis
AI Assist
Auto Redaction
AI Prompt Designer
NotAvailable (1)


CheckMarkGreenThe feature is present, possibly at an additional cost. ParticalFunctionalityFeature partially available NotAvailable (1) Feature not available

Please note: The information in this table represents data from public sources as of May 2024. Verify with the individual vendors before proceeding.

What Is Observe.AI?

Observe.AI offers real-time and post-call contact center AI solutions best suited for mid-size to larger contact centers looking to boost their performance with live Conversation Intelligence. The solution analyzes contact center interactions to determine customer sentiment to improve agent performance and customer experience. It includes Natural Language Processing (NLP), automatic speech recognition, and a 30 billion-parameter contact center Large Language Model (LLM). Observe.AI integrates with popular CCaaS platforms (Twilio, Five9, Genesys, etc.), Cloud providers (AWS, Microsoft), and more.

What Does Observe.AI Offer?

Observe.AI's Conversation Intelligence platform includes real-time solutions that help agents better meet customer needs across different channels: calls, chat, and email. Those solutions include AI-powered assistance for supervisors and agents and support through live coaching and knowledge support.

Observe.AI uses real-time AI to assist agents by prompting them to stay on script and advising them when negative customer sentiment is detected. When combined with their post-interaction AI, this greatly enhances the ability to train agents. 

In addition, its post-call capabilities aim to streamline after-call work and gather quality insights from your call data with auto-call summary, screen recording, Auto QA, manual scorecards, post-call coaching, and auto-redaction. The company does not offer call recording or live monitoring.

It is worth mentioning that although Observe.AI's Conversation Intelligence solution offers automatic call scoring, its demo video shows a setup of phrased-based AutoQA rather than Generative AI-based. Phrase-based Auto QA (also known as Moments) can be challenging to customize and upkeep due to the multitude of phrase variations with similar meanings. This method lacks a comprehensive understanding of the conversation's context as a whole, resulting in lower accuracy levels. 

Another feature that is currently limited is its topical analysis. When looking at specific dashboards, you can discover a trend in the reasons why customers are calling, but this feature isn't offered on its own across the platform. Also, live monitoring, where a manager can give immediate feedback and training to an agent, is not available.

What Is MiaRec?

MiaRec harnesses the power of Generative AI to drive its Conversation Intelligence platform, tailored to assist mid-size to larger contact centers in optimizing AI-driven quality management and compliance processes. By extracting valuable customer insights from voice data, MiaRec empowers contact centers to streamline operations and enhance overall performance. MiaRec's best-of-breed Voice Analytics and Automated Quality Management (AQM) integrate with most UCaaS and CCaS platforms, including Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Five9, Cisco WebEx, Twilio, and more. 

What Does MiaRec Offer?

MiaRec's solution is designed to grow with your contact center's needs.

  • The Essentials package ($25/month per user) includes our award-winning call recording and Speech-To-Text (STT) Transcription technology, as well as basic Conversation Intelligence capabilities such as manual scorecards (agent evaluation), role-based access, and the ability to contextualize and categorize your calls with notes and tags. 
  • The Advanced package ($35/month per user) is designed for contact centers looking to transform their operations by leveraging AI to increase efficiency, gain more visibility, and improve service quality. In addition to everything in the Essentials package, it includes Generative AI-powered Topic Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, AI Call Summary, and Live Monitoring. 
  • The Premium package ($50/month per user) adds AI-powered Auto QA (automated call scoring) and AI Insights. This allows contact centers to truly transform their contact center processes with Generative AI. 

In addition, you can purchase MiaRec's advanced screen recording and Machine Learning and NER technology-based auto data redaction capabilities as an add-on. You can use MiaRec Auto Redaction to streamline your redaction process, automatically removing sensitive information from transcripts and their audio.

MiaRec focuses on automating and enhancing quality assurance and compliance processes at your contact center. With MiaRec, you can use both software-supported evaluations and AI-powered solutions to benefit from the accuracy of manual call scoring and the efficiency of automated call scoring. MiaRec Auto Score Card uses AI to auto-score every one of your call recordings, while MiaRec Agent Evaluation empowers supervisors to evaluate individual agents and their performance.  Use both to get a deeper understanding of your agents’ performance. These insights can help you identify training gaps and improve customer experience.

Like Observe.AI, MiaRec offers Auto Call Summary to shorten your agent’s post-call work. Those capabilities are comparable in terms of scope and quality. However, MiaRec sets itself apart by offering unparalleled flexibility and customization of its AI functionality through the innovative AI Prompt Designer feature. This cutting-edge tool allows users to meticulously refine and optimize prompts within a secure testing environment before implementation. By tailoring prompts to specific needs, MiaRec elevates call scoring accuracy, delivers insightful summaries, and enables targeted agent coaching, effectively honing in on the unique aspects of your business operations.

Conclusion: Which One Is Best For Me?

At first glance, MiaRec and Observe.AI seem similar. They offer powerful Machine Learning and Generative AI-based contact center solutions. However, there are some differences.

Observe.AI focuses more on providing comprehensive solutions for real-time agent assistance and analytics, while MiaRec focuses on post-call analytics and AI Insights. In addition, Observe.AI's solution includes chat, email, and calls, while MiaRec's solution specializes in calls.

In contrast to Observe.AI, MiaRec places a stronger emphasis on cutting-edge automated quality management tools like Auto Call Scoring and Coaching, along with highly adaptable and precise AI Insights that can be tailored to meet individual user needs. Leveraging the latest advancements in Generative AI, MiaRec delivers a top-of-the-line solution with clearly defined and straightforward returns on investment. Additionally, MiaRec includes Live Monitoring and Call Recording as part of its Essentials package, offering a comprehensive solution without the need for third-party partnerships, unlike Observe.AI.

Conclusion: Observe.AI might be a good choice for you if you want to support your agents live during their calls with real-time AI assistance or if the vast majority of your customer interactions are via email or chat rather than phone. If you are looking to automate your quality management while still providing a human touch through manual evaluation where needed and transform your contact center processes using Generative AI, MiaRec might be the better choice for you.

Now that you know how MiaRec and Observe.AI could meet your contact center needs, try them out for yourself. Demos and free trials effectively determine if either solution would meet your contact center’s day-to-day needs. MiaRec offers a free online demo and trial, or contact our sales team for a personalized demo. While Observe.AI doesn’t offer a free trial, you can register here for a demo.


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