Introducing Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook

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January 12, 2023 at 1:33 AM

Have you ever tried to start a journal or a letter only to stare at blank pages? Or have you ever wanted to paint something only to feel intimidated by the white canvas in front of you?

This paralysis you face when starting a new project is known to artists, writers, and other creatives as the “Blank Canvas Syndrome.” But this doesn't have to be limited to just art projects. Many organizations struggle with this when they are implementing and embracing Voice Analytics as well.

To help you overcome “Blank Canvas Syndrome” in the context of deploying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to your customer interactions, we designed a new resource called Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook that not only breaks down how to get started step-by-step, but also gives you dozens of specific pointers and even keyword recipes as an inspirational jumping board to get you off to a good start.


Image: Preview of the new eBook, Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook

Unfortunately, we aren't able to help you with painting, though. You will have to check with Bob Ross. 😊

What Is Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook?

Our new resource, Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook, is a 23-page PDF document that briefly explains what Voice Analytics is, defines the terminology used, and lists 17 sample use cases for which organizations can utilize the AI-driven solution. In the first part, you will get lots of ideas to start brainstorming around. 

In the second part, we will show you how to cook up the perfect Topics strategy by breaking down the process of defining a keyword and topics strategy into five easy-to-follow steps. This will ensure that you can take the inspiration you get and not only turn it into lists of relevant keywords that make up your topics, but also implement it within a few minutes. 

In the third part of the PDF, we get to the exciting part: Topic ideas and keyword recipes. To get your creative juices flowing, we included more than 40 ideas for topics you could monitor your customer calls for and grouped them into six different categories. This is followed by three sample recipes, namely Rude Agent Behavior, Agent Insecurities, and Harassment/Threats, to give you an idea of what a starter keyword list would look like. 

Who Is This New Resource For?

The Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook was written explicitly for data-driven contact center administrative staff and supervisors looking to understand their customers better. You do not need to be technical to implement this, and although you will have to familiarize yourself with the keyword extraction syntax used, you can very quickly put your ideas into action. 

So what are you waiting for? Download MiaRec's latest resource, Love At First Sight: A Voice Analytics Cookbook, and get cooking on your Voice Analytics Topic strategy today!

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