You Asked, We Answered: 8 Things to Know Before Your MiaRec Demo

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March 28, 2023 at 10:47 AM

Are you considering scheduling a product demo to see if MiaRec’s conversation intelligence platform will meet your contact center’s needs? Great! We’re ready to answer all your questions on how MiaRec can ensure satisfaction at every stage of the customer journey.

It’s important to us that we hit the ground running and address your contact center’s unique challenges during the product demo. To make the most of our time together, we’ve answered below the eight most common questions we’ve been asked during product demos. By the end of this article, you’ll be better prepared to dive into what matters most: your specific questions.

What are the differences between deploying cloud vs on-prem?

Adopting a cloud-based call recording solution is less labor-intensive and doesn’t require additional in-house hardware. However, you can have more control over your data on an on-premise contact center. MiaRec offers solutions for both cloud and on-premise contact centers. 

How does MiaRec’s pricing model work?

The MiaRec cloud solution is available in three tiers and begins at: 

  • $25/user /month for Advanced (Standard + unlimited storage, role-based access control, and more)
  • $42/user /month for Professional (Advanced + live monitoring, agent evaluation, quality management, and more)
  • $78/user/month for Enterprise (Professional + speech-to-text transcription, automatic score cards, AI-Driven Auto Redaction, AI-based call summary, and more)

The prices above are on a per-named user monthly. We offer a 20% discount on the monthly subscription price with an annual contract. To learn more about our transparent cloud pricing, please check out our pricing page.

In addition to cloud subscriptions, we also offer on-premise or hybrid setups based on customer-specific requirements. On-premise licensing is slightly different and depends on multiple factors. For on-premise or partner pricing, please request a quote

Is MiaRec licensed on a per-seat basis? 

We do not offer perpetual licensing. For MiaRec Cloud we offer subscription-based pricing in four tiers as outlined in the previous question above. For the Cloud version, all advanced security features are included in all packages. 

Is there a minimum seat or license amount that I need to purchase?

For all cloud packages we require a minimum purchase of 20 licenses. 

How does MiaRec integrate with XYZ’s phone system?

MiaRec solutions integrate with a wide range of the most common and enterprise-ready communication solutions on the market. 

Phone systems that MiaRec integrates with:

  • Cisco HCS 
  • Cisco WebEx Cloud Calling
  • Cisco UCM
  • Metaswitch platform (acquired by Microsoft)
  • MS Teams

CCaaS vendors MiaRec:

  •  Cisco WebEx Contact Center
  •  Five9 Intelligent Contact Center
  •  Twilio

Does MiaRec provide role-based access?

Yes. MiaRec software provides role-based access control features with granular permissions. Each user account is associated with one role. And each role is configured with a set of permissions.

Image: A screenshot from our admin guide showing how MiaRec divides role-based access

Each role is associated with a set of permissions, which are granted to users of this role.

Is MiaRec HIPAA-compliant? Is MiaRec PCI compliant?

Yes, we do offer HIPAA-compliant cloud Call Recording, WFO and Conversational Intelligence solutions. MiaRec Cloud also meets Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) regulations and policies. In order to meet security and compliance regulations MiaRec follows PCI regulations guidelines and implements the processes to enable compliance. On top of the above to help our customers to be compliant and ensure compliance we implemented the following features:

  • AI-Driven Data Redaction to automatically remove sensitive data from your transcripts and audio recordings. (Note: This feature is only available as part of our Enterprise Package)
  • Audio encryption to ensure all audio recording are stored securely
  • Flexible retention policies to allow organizations to configure/manage their data storage according to their business needs
  • MiaRec’s Audit Log to identify and trace back any fraudulent internal activities 
  • The ability to pause call recordings when the customer is giving sensitive data and resume when done
  • Granular permissions for role-based access

Who will be on the demo from MiaRec’s side? 

As product owners and call center managers learn how MiaRec can meet their business needs, their engineers and analysts need to know operational timelines. 

In addition to our sales manager, we’ll also have our implementation engineer on the call to help answer any questions relating to UX, hardware parameters, deployment methods, and more.


And that’s it! Now that you’ve run through MiaRec’s core features, we’re excited to tackle all your individual questions.

Contact our sales team at for a one-on-one product demo.

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