Transforming Quality Assurance in Contact Centers with Generative AI

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September 24, 2023 at 3:17 PM

How many calls are you currently assessing for quality assurance at the moment? And more importantly, how much time does each supervisor spend on this important task each week? 

We all know that quality customer interactions are crucial for businesses, and assessing calls for quality assurance is crucial to ensure great customer experiences. However, done manually, this important task can be both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

That's why, this week, MiaRec launched a brand-new Automated Quality Assurance (Auto QA) feature. Powered by Generative AI, this innovative solution brings significant advancements in automated quality assurance, saving contact centers a substantial amount of money compared to manual QA processes. Let's take a closer look.

The Next Generation of Quality Assurance is AI-Based

The launch of MiaRec's new AI-powered Automated Quality Assurance (Auto QA) feature is a significant advancement in automated quality assurance and analysis of customer interactions. This innovative solution, powered by Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), has been developed through extensive training on thousands of calls.

By implementing this AI-powered solution, contact centers can save a substantial amount of money compared to manual QA processes. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive visibility into agent performance by covering 100% of interactions. This is a remarkable improvement compared to manual evaluations, which typically only cover 2-5% of interactions.

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Screenshot of the MiaRec Auto ScoreCard powered by Generative AI.

Auto QA Brings Tangible Benefits for Contact Centers

By taking advantage of MiaRec's new Auto QA features, contact centers can enjoy a multitude of tangible benefits:

Unparalleled Accuracy

Auto QA surpasses traditional query-based methods by delivering vastly superior accuracy in assessing call content. By using Generative AI, Auto QA sets itself apart from traditional methods that rely solely on the analysis of rigid and predefined keywords and key phrases, resulting in a higher level of accuracy and a deeper understanding of customer interactions.

Context Understanding 

Auto QA also comprehends the intricacies of call conversations, capturing the context within which they occur. This contextual understanding enables Auto QA to provide relevant and meaningful answers and insights, even in conversations that involve various phrases and wording scenarios that cannot be predicted in advance.

Zero Configuration

Unlike traditional keyword-based systems that demand extensive setup, Auto QA powered by Generative AI comes ready to use, allowing businesses to seamlessly engage with the system without the need for time-consuming configuration efforts. Moreover, it requires zero configuration, making it incredibly user-friendly.

No Need for Data Analysts or AI Engineers

One of the keys to MiaRec's success is how user-friendly and intuitive our products are. MiaRec's new Auto QA and the Conversational Intelligence Suite are no exception. There is no need for data analysts or AI engineers. You can take advantage of the full potential right out of the box. The intuitive interface ensures businesses can easily access and leverage valuable insights from customer interactions.

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Screenshot of the MiaRec Auto ScoreCard powered by Generative AI.

Driving Business Success with AI

By leveraging the power of Generative AI, MiaRec's Auto QA empowers businesses to maximize the value they derive from their customer interactions. Its seamless integration with Sentiment Analysis and Topical Analysis further enriches the depth of insights obtained from conversations, offering a comprehensive perspective on agent performance and customer interactions.

According to Gennadiy Bezko, CEO at MiaRec, Auto QA is the flagship feature of their MiaRec Conversational Intelligence suite. He states:

"By leveraging Generative AI, we've addressed the limitations of traditional methods, offering our customers unprecedented accuracy and flexibility."

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A Commitment to Innovation

MiaRec's commitment to delivering advanced conversational intelligence solutions shines through in its recent releases. Alongside Auto QA, MiaRec also introduced Auto Call Summary earlier this year, another feature powered by Generative AI. These groundbreaking releases highlight MiaRec's unwavering dedication to enhancing customer experiences and driving positive business outcomes.

MiaRec continues to lead the industry in providing Voice Analytics and Auto QA solutions that are specifically designed to optimize operations, enhance customer interactions, and automate quality assurance and compliance processes. With a strong focus on innovation and cutting-edge AI technologies, MiaRec empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights from their customer interactions, ultimately driving business success.



John Ortiz, Technology Sales Manager at MiaRec, demonstrates our new Generative AI-based AutoQA with a live demo.


In summary, assessing calls for quality assurance is an important task that can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, with the introduction of MiaRec's Auto QA, powered by Generative AI, contact centers can now save time and money while gaining comprehensive visibility into agent performance.

It's a game-changing solution that brings unparalleled accuracy, context understanding, and zero configuration to the table. With MiaRec's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge AI technologies, businesses can unlock valuable insights from their customer interactions, ultimately driving business success.

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