The ROI On Automated Quality Management For Contact Centers [Free Calculator]

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March 31, 2023 at 9:39 PM

Isn’t it exhausting spending hours each week listening to your agents’ calls and manually grading their performance? With each call lasting up to 30 minutes to an hour, how are you meant to evaluate every call and get the full picture of what’s going on in your contact center? Most contact centers with a manual quality management approach are only able to monitor 2% to 5% of their interactions.

MiaRec has been streamlining agent evaluation for hundreds of contact centers since launching its first Quality Management tool in 2016. However, while software-supported QM is a great help, we wanted organizations to be able to leverage the power of AI and score 100% of their calls automatically. In 2022, we introduced our new AI-powered Auto Score Card so that our customers could free up time and resources for more high-value tasks.

Sounds too good to be true? To see how our solutions could benefit your contact center operations, we’ve included a free ROI calculator. Find out how much money and time your contact center could save every month by switching from manual agent evaluation to automated data quality management.

The calculator includes the following criteria:

  • The number of contact center (CC) managers that do manual QA 
  • The minimum number of evaluations they each need to submit per month
  • The time it takes to complete manual evaluation
  • Their hourly salary

We use these criteria to calculate the following formula: 

(# of CC Managers that perform manual QA x Minimum # of Monthly Manual Evaluations per CC Manager x Average Time it Takes to Complete a Manual Call Evaluation) x $ Hourly Wage of CC Manager 

AutoQA Time & Cost Savings Chart

For example, if a contact center had 10 managers who were paid $30/hr and required to do 50 manual evaluations/month and every evaluation takes 1 hour then: 

(10 managers x 50 evaluations ) x $30/hr = $15,000 saved per month or $180,000 saved per year in labor costs. This means 600 hours, or 50 working weeks, saved per year. That’s a lot of time saved! These are sample numbers based on an average medium-sized contact center. For larger contact centers, you're likely to save even more! 

Software-supported vs Automated Call Scoring

This calculator measures how much time and resources you could save by adopting an automated call scoring solution. It doesn’t measure the ROI on software-supported call scoring. 

Software-supported call scoring solutions, like MiaRec’s Agent Evaluation, improves accuracy and reduces costs by automating parts of the evaluation process, while still including human judgment in the final-decision making process. With software-supported call scoring, contact center supervisors can evaluate call recordings semi-automatically by filling out software-driven evaluation forms. While software-supported call scoring won’t completely eliminate the need for manual evaluation, this option will speed up the process. 

On the other hand, our calculator measures the ROI on automated call scoring. Automated call scoring solutions can score all of your calls automatically. MiaRec's Auto Score Card utilizes AI algorithms and automations to evaluate every call and scores them without human assistance. Our solution also provides automated coaching and training based on past recordings and evaluations. With personalized feedback, agents will be able to better engage with customers, improving both agent and client satisfaction. With automated call scoring you can receive instant results without having to listen to each conversation. 

To learn more about software-supported vs fully automated call scoring solutions, we recommend reading Manual Agent Evaluation vs. Automatic Call Scoring for Quality Assurance.


You now know how much time and resources you could be saving by transforming your manual management processes. For fast, cost-effective evaluations with minimal effort, it’s time for automated call scoring.

Take your next steps with MiaRec and sign up for a free demo today to learn how we can best integrate with your contact center.


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