MiaRec (Literally) On Our Soapbox About AI

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April 26, 2024 at 3:24 PM

The MiaRec team was exhibiting at Enterprise Connect this spring, where we met onsite with customers, partners, and other industry professionals to discuss how we are revolutionizing Quality Assurance with the power of Generative AI.

MiaRec-Enterprise-ConnectWe were also honored to be nominated as a finalist for the prestigious Best of Enterprise Connect award in two categories: Best Overall and Most Innovative Use of AI!

This recognition highlights MiaRec’s dedication to innovation in AI and delivering top-quality solutions that meet the needs of our customers.



While onsite, our Technology Sales Manager, John Ortiz, had a chance to catch up with our partners at Five9. Watch the 2min video below as he answers a series of questions regarding the state of AI in the industry and at MiaRec. And yes, he’s literally standing on a soapbox!



Q: Have you incorporated AI into your platform and, if so, what does it give your customers the ability to do?

A: We have definitely incorporated AI into the MiaRec platform! It gives our customers the ability to automate tasks, like automatically reviewing agents' scorecards, extracting key data from calls, creating call summaries and automatic dispositions, etc. With the ability to automate tasks, Generative AI empowers our customers to be much more efficient.


Q: What, if anything, are people surprised about when it comes to using AI?

A: At MiaRec, we find that even people who are familiar with AI are still surprised by how effective it is and the results they can get from it.


Q: What does using AI responsibly mean to MiaRec?

A: For MiaRec, using AI responsibly is about following compliance regulations with regard to data privacy. For other AI features, like chatbots and things of that nature, it means to make sure that they are providing answers and information that are unbiased.


Q: How can AI impact CX?

A: Regarding AI, it comes down to having it being simple and easy for the customer to use. Can the AI effectively get the customer from point A to point B? Great customer experience and AI go hand-in-hand; but the easier you can make it for the customers, the better the customer experience.


Q: What kind of AI features/functionality are on MiaRec's roadmap?

A: MiaRec is definitely trying to expand the AI offerings within our platform. One thing we're doing now is using AI for automated coaching. It will be able to analyze call transcripts to find areas where the agents didn't know how to help a customer, then the AI will provide recommended content from a knowledge base for the agent to read up on. For example, let's say an agent didn't know about a certain return policy or how to explain pricing. The AI will identify that and give them some content around that topic to review, so they'll be able to handle the next customer with the same question.


Q: What should vendors do when onboarding or speaking with customers about AI?

A: Many customers still have a learning curve when they begin using AI. For solution providers like us, it's our responsibility to teach our customers all the things that AI can do and what the limitations are.


Got more questions about Generative AI and how it can help your contact center win back time, improve CX, and increase revenue? We’re here for you, let’s talk.

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