Tips On How To Maximize Your Call Center ROI

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November 16, 2022 at 7:38 AM

In today's business world, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment in contact center intelligence. By measuring and maximizing the return on investment on your contact center in general and your Conversational Analytics solution specifically, you can ensure that your call center is as efficient and effective as possible, which can lead to increased sales, happier customers, and more efficient operations.

Why Is Maximizing Your Call Center ROI Essential For Your Company's Success?

Call center ROI is an essential metric for any organization that relies on customer calls for sales, support, or other purposes. There are several ways to maximize call center ROI, but some of the most important include optimizing call handling times, improving first-call resolution rates, and reducing customer churn.

By taking steps to improve these metrics, you can ensure that your call center is delivering maximum value to your organization. In today's competitive business environment, maximizing call center ROI is essential for any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

Tips On How To Improve/Maximize Your Contact Center's ROI

As the first point of contact for many customers, call centers play a critical role in ensuring customer satisfaction. There are a number of ways to improve your contact center's performance and maximize its ROI potential. Here are a few:

Cloud-First Conversational Analytics Platforms Deliver 10x Cost Savings Compared To Legacy Contact Center Solutions

A recent study by Frost & Sullivan found that Cloud-First Conversational Analytics platforms deliver 10 times the cost savings compared to legacy contact center solutions. The study also found that these platforms improve efficiency by automating quality management and improving agent productivity.

The cloud-first approach is quickly becoming the preferred way to deploy contact center solutions, as it delivers a number of benefits over traditional on-premise solutions. These benefits include a lower total cost of ownership, faster time to value, and increased scalability and flexibility.

When it comes to contact center intelligence, it is essential to find a solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. A Cloud-First Conversational Analytics solution will allow you to get up and running quickly, with minimal hassle and disruption. Although these advanced solutions require some initial configuration and setup, they can be deployed in just a day or two. This fast deployment time means that you can be up and running quickly without having to wait for lengthy installation processes that, for traditional on-premises contact center solutions, can take two to four months!

Cloud-Based Conversational Analytics solutions are constantly updated with the latest features and benefits. This means that you always have access to the latest innovations in conversational analytics technology, and you don't have to worry about outdated software or features.

They are also scalable and flexible, which means they can easily accommodate changes in your business (seasonal peaks, rapid growth, or downsizing) or contact center needs. If your contact center expands or you need to add new functionality to your voice analytics platform, a cloud-based solution can quickly adapt to your needs.

Lastly, they are often much easier to use, freeing up valuable (and expensive) resources. For example, organizations can retrain and reassign whole teams of engineers to higher-value tasks because the solutions are so much easier to administer that supervisors can do so without the help of engineering.

Automated Quality Management (AQM): Evaluate 500x More Calls

Another way to maximize your ROI call center solution is by automating your quality management processes, which can save your contact center time and money. Automated quality management (AQM) is the process of using voice analytics software to score all calls based on predefined criteria automatically.

This allows supervisors to quickly and easily identify agents who are meeting or exceeding call quality standards, as well as those who need additional coaching or training. For example, rather than evaluating a tiny fraction of calls (usually 2-5%) by listening and manually scoring them, an advanced AQM can score 100% of your calls automatically without wasting any of your supervisor's time. AQM not only saves time and energy for supervisors by allowing them to focus on more critical tasks, but it also improves agent productivity and helps contact centers achieve better customer service outcomes.

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Improve Call Center Agent Efficiency By 20%

Contact centers can improve call center agent efficiency by 20% or more with voice analytics. Agents who are adequately trained and adhere to scripted conversations are more likely to provide better customer service. In addition, voice analytics can help supervisors identify agents who need additional coaching or training. By identifying and addressing these issues, contact centers can improve agent efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

Save 2x On Potential Costs Of Non-Compliance

In order to protect customer data and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, it is essential for contact centers to deploy a solution that ensures maximum compliance. Organizations that get audited and are found lacking face steep fines. Modern Contact Center Intelligence solutions can help your contact center identify and address issues related to non-compliance, helping you stay compliant and avoid costly penalties. Such solutions include advanced tools to enforce and technically support the highest possible compliance with regulatory standards (e.g., PSI-DSS, HIPAA, and many others). In fact, companies who do not deploy Modern Contact Center Intelligence solutions face fines that are, on average, two-times higher per year than fines paid by companies who do invest in such solutions.

Invest In A Versatile Solution

Companies need to invest in a versatile voice analytics platform that can be used by multiple departments. A Conversational Analytics platform that is limited to the contact center or whichever department is requesting the procurement of the platform will bottleneck the ROI. Versatile solutions allow other departments, such as sales, marketing, and product development, to benefit from rich customer insights.

This type of solution also allows for better collaboration between different teams and encourages knowledge sharing. Sales and marketing can use customer insights gleaned from voice analytics data to improve their strategies and tactics. And product development can use this data to design products that appeal more to customers. By having access to voice analytics data, these departments can make better-informed decisions that will help them achieve their goals.

When choosing a voice analytics platform, it is essential to consider its versatility and how it can be used by different departments in your company. A versatile solution will provide more value for your investment and help you achieve your business goals.

By taking steps to improve the performance of your call center, you can ensure that it is operating at its fullest potential and maximizing its ROI potential.

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