12 Must-Have Contact Center Security & Compliance Features

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July 15, 2022 at 3:02 AM

A few weeks ago, Jeetu Patel, Cisco EVP for Security and Collaboration, gave a very passionate keynote speech at Cisco Live 2022 about the importance that security measures will have in the coming months and years.

The first trend he mentioned is that we are no longer operating within our own silo. We are part of an ecosystem in which customers, businesses, suppliers, and other partners must rely on each other and do everything in their power to keep each other safe.

Consequently, everyone is an insider as we now more often interact with people outside of our organization than within. How do we ensure that we keep those interactions safe and protected if a shocking 56% of data breaches occur due to negligence, not malicious intentions?

And thirdly, hybrid work is here to stay. We will continue to have hybrid or even fully-remote contact centers. So how do we ensure that all of these thousands of customer interactions every day are as safe as they can be?

Your Call Recording Security & Compliance Is Determined By The Technology You Deploy

The answer is by ensuring that your contact center runs on a Workforce and Customer Engagement solution that already has the maximum security features natively built-in so you can minimize the risk of security breaches, data leaks, or non-compliance through agent negligence as well as malicious intent right out-of-the-box.

Below, we have summarized the twelve key security and compliance features (six agent-facing features and six technology capabilities) your call recording solution MUST HAVE to keep you protected.

6 Must-Have Security & Compliance Features That Ensure Agent Compliance & Security

There are many features that ensure contact center agents are acting in the most secure and compliant way. Below, I outlined the six most important must-have features that minimize any risks of your contact center employees being negligent or causing harm to your organization in other ways.

  1. Automated Call Recording Announcement for Cisco platforms for both in- and outgoing calls to eliminate the chance that agents might forget to read the call recording announcement, which then makes the call recording non-compliant as implicit content was not given

  2. Automatic Screen Capture to be able to identify security and compliance issues faster and more accurately

  3. PCI DSS Compliance: Here, features range from simply being able to stop and resume the recording to automatic redaction of credit card details (not just masking, but actual removal of the number string so it cannot be reconstructed) utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  4. Voice Analytics to quickly train your agents. By using topics and categories, you can quickly identify training gaps and potential security and compliance issues and train your agents accordingly.

  5. Notifications & Alerts: What good is an alarm system that knows your house is broken into, but doesn't alert you and the security company/police? Similarly, be sure your contact center can send you live notifications and alerts if something is amiss. 

  6. Live Monitoring: The ability to live monitor ongoing calls to provide instant guidance and training (see video below)
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6 Must-Have Contact Center Security & Compliance Capabilities On The Technology Level

While the above-mentioned features are essential to minimizing human error, negligence, and malicious intent, ensuring maximum security and compliance protection starts at a much deeper technological level. These are often an after-thought, yet they are the foundation of your entire call recording compliance and security framework. Without them, everything else will fall apart, so be sure to check them early on in the selection process.

  1. 256-bit Data Encryption of the recording and transcript in a non-proprietary format

  2. Watermarking of all call recording files to ensure they are completely tamper-proof

  3. Full Audit Logs, including who listened to the recordings, all administrative actions, and more

  4. Granular, role-based, privileged access rights that are fully customizable to your needs

  5. True Multi-Tenancy: Multi-tenancy allows multiple independent instances of one or multiple applications to run in a shared environment. In the past, this capability was only used by service providers who managed call centers for different customers. Now, many business units need call recording within one organization, making true multi-tenancy a key requirement for most larger organizations.

  6. Advanced High Availability & Automatic Failover: You have to be able to securely record, encrypt, and store a customer interaction 100% of the time. Therefore, your call recording solution has to operate at 100% reliability. But it is surprising how many vendors do not offer Advanced High Availability configuration and automatic failover Master-Master Server configuration! This is a must-have. 

I hope you find this checklist useful in determining which vendors are a good fit for your contact center. I would like to invite you to schedule a personalized product demo to experience MiaRec's industry-leading security and compliance features. 

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