New Revenue Opportunities For Service Providers

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March 24, 2021 at 7:21 AM

The hosted telephony market is becoming increasingly competitive, as businesses in North America and worldwide turn to hosted IP telephony and unified communications services. Call recording services offers Service Providers opportunities for new revenue streams and new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Businesses are increasingly choosing hosted telephony over on-premise solutions as they focus on their core businesses and look for ways to eliminate up-front investments. However, they still expect advanced, feature-rich functionality. Therefore, it is important for service providers to ensure that they offer a full range of business tools for their enterprise customers, including value-add services, such as quality management tools and call recording.

Complementing hosted telephony service portfolios with call recording allows service providers to grow their customer bases and revenues. Call recording offers high margins and high average revenues per user. With the right recording system—offering a low total cost of ownership and a flexible licensing model—service providers can easily monetize call recording services and generate a rapid return on investment.

What call recording offers Service Providers?

New revenue streams

Grow revenues offering high margin call recording service, whether as a bundle service or a value-added service. Explore up-sell opportunities of call recording, offering advance contact center functionality like agent evaluation, reporting, live monitoring etc.

Customer retention and customer base growth

Keep your existing customers happy, providing all essential business tools they require. Attract new clients, willing to record interactions for compliance and quality management purposes.

New market opportunities

Call recording is a mission-critical tool for a large number of industries, such as Healthcare, Debt Collectors, Financial and Banking Services, Insurance and Retail industries. They rely on call recording to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Competitive advantage

Hosted call recording is still a new service for hosted telephony market. Most of Service Providers are not offering call recording to their customers yet, if you elect to add this service to your portfolio you will gain a competitive advantage and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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New Revenue Opportunities For Service Providers

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