5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Call Recording

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August 24, 2020 at 7:21 AM

Companies are using call recording in a variety of innovative ways, to address a variety of business needs, including legal documentation and protection, order verification, dispute resolution, and customer-service enhancement.

It’s also great for training and supervising new employees and generating sales leads. Always an essential tool in the contact-center industry, call recording has proven itself useful in a wide variety of business environments. Looking into adding call recording capability to your company? Here are the five top reasons why you should do so now:

Employee / Contact Center Agent Performance

Telephone conversations are a vital communication link between you and your customers, and how you manage calls is crucial to your business success. By recording and reviewing calls, you can identify what’s working and what isn’t, to help improve employee performance—and bottom-line business results.

Training And Employee Development

Call recording is extremely useful for assessing employee performance, and it’s also an invaluable training tool. Recorded calls can be used to coach new employees and help them build effective customer-interaction skills, by quickly identifying their own strengths and weaknesses.

Dispute Resolution

Recording any given customer call creates an indisputable record of what both parties said. Easy searchable call recording system lets you retrieve recordings by date, phone number, employee ID, etc., allowing you to resolve disputes quickly and avoid potential legal action.

Regulatory Compliance

Today’s businesses, e.g., health care, financial services, and debt collection, operate under increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Compliance sometimes requires calls to be recorded and stored as a means of documenting the calls and transactions. Call recording systems can also help demonstrate a pattern of compliance to meet regulatory requirements.

Better Customer Service

Call recording helps you improve customer service quality, by providing insight into customer interactions. Call recording also lets you evaluate and reassess your customer service policies and take prompt action when improvements are needed.

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