5 Considerations That Impact MiaRec's Pricing

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May 21, 2022 at 8:14 AM

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is "What does MiaRec's pricing look like?"

We believe in complete transparency and value your trust as our partner. As a testament to this, we are proud to be the only Automated Quality Management and Voice Analytics vendor that publishes our pricing openly on our website. You can always visit our pricing page to check our package rates.

We try to make our pricing as straightforward as possible and package fairly for our customers, so they know exactly what to expect in the purchase process. There are only several variables that will influence the total cost of our solution and those are:

  • Which MiaRec functionality/package will you need?
  • Do you want add-ons and which ones?
  • How much customization will your project require?
  • From whom are you purchasing MiaRec?

So, let's have a closer look at each of the considerations. Or, if you prefer to know exactly what your investment would look like, contact us for a custom quote right now.

What MiaRec Package Do You Need?

Picking the right package is the first real pricing decision they will have to make. 

MiaRec offers three packages: Standard, Quality Management, and Voice Analytics. Our comprehensive standard package includes everything a modern contact center needs to provide outstanding service while remaining compliant:

  • Automatic 100% or selective recording
  • On-demand recording with LookBack technology
  • Ability to search, playback, & download audio files
  • File integrity check (watermarking)
  • Audit logs
  • Ability to export/import recordings
  • Configurable retention policy
  • Role-Based Web Access
  • Notes & Tags

Our Quality Management Package includes everything in the Standard Package as well as:

These additional features allow contact center managers to monitor their (remote) agents’ live calls, evaluate their performance while listening to the live call or after the call is completed, as well as report on service quality trends in real-time.

Finally, our most advanced package, Voice Analytics, allows contact center managers to automatically transcribe all or selective calls, extract keywords from the transcript, categorize the calls by topics, or analyze them for trend development using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This package includes:

It is important to know that you can always mix and match your licenses. In other words, you can assign a package that suits your needs on a user-by-user basis as long as you have at least five license seats per additional category. 

Do You Need Specific Add-On Functionality?

In addition to the three packages, MiaRec offers some functionality as an add-on license that can be purchased on top of the package chosen. The available add-ons are slightly different for cloud versus on-premise. For example, for on-premise, you can add

while the advanced security features are already included in the cloud plan.

How Much Customization Does Your Project Require?

While MiaRec itself is very easy and fast to set up, every customer will receive a standard set of professional services days, which will include assistance with installation, configuration, onboarding, and training.

However, some customers have a more complex environment and would like help from our experienced Professional Services team in customizing MiaRec to adjust to their unique circumstances or out-of-the-ordinary processes. Therefore, the cost of professional services is assessed based on the total project.

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